By Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN-10: 0312947984

ISBN-13: 9780312947989

SHERRILYN KENYON-Shadow of the Moon-Angelia has fought her whole existence to make herself powerful. Now, along with her patria lower than hearth, she has to guard her humans from Fury and his werewolf extended family. Vowing to deliver him to justice, Angelia units out alone-until t

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Keeping a promise to someone other than himself. . yeah. Right. Hell was freezing over. He still wasn't really sure how he'd allowed his brother Fang to talk him into this act of blatant suicide. The bastard owed him. Big Time. " Fury held his hands up in mock surrender. " Dev bared his teeth threateningly as he raked a glare over Fury's body that normally would have caused Fury to slug him for the insult. Damn, his brother Vane was rubbing off on him. " Fury arched a brow as he looked up at the sign over Dev's head.

Are you all right. " Angelia saw the fatigue on his face and could only imagine how much he must be hurting. Still, he'd come for her. . It was amazing. " Fury paused and met Angelia's gaze with a feral hostility so potent, it chilled her all the way to her soul. "You hurt her, you even give her a bad look that hurts her feelings and so help me, I will slaughter you like yesterday's meal and no power, yours or otherwise, will save you. " She nodded. "I'm not kidding," he warned again. " He inclined his head to her before he shut the door.

Kill the bastard. " She walked off without looking back. Serre let go of Dare's hair and made a sound of disgust. " Angelia froze at the deep, resonant voice that went over her like ice. It was a voice she hadn't heard in centuries, and it was one that belonged to someone she'd assumed was long dead. Fury Kattalakis. Her heart pounding, she watched as the bears parted to let him approach. Tall and lean, Fury held the kind of toned body that most men had to work out for. But not him. Even in his younger years, he'd possessed defined muscles that had made the other males in their patria green with jealousy and the women swoon with heat.

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