The placeholder comment visible in the middle is where we’re going to start including our custom elements.

So, what we really need here is a middleman, a page that welcomes the visitor, explains that they’re in the archive and then points them to the exact piece of content they are interested in or suggests some popular content. That is why we’re going to create a custom archive page. — standard WordPress stuff); • list the 15 latest posts (configurable); • display links to the author archive; • display links to the monthly archive; • add additional widget areas (to display things like the most popular content, categories, tags).

Jpg 7. org/Conditional_Tags 8. org/Conditional_Tags 9. com/ultimate-guide-wordpress-conditional-tags/ 10. org/plugins/what-the-file/ 11. org/Page_Templates#Filenames 12. org/plugins/types/ 13. It’s easy because there’s not a significant amount of bloat with endless bells and whistles that steepen the learning curve. If you find yourself hacking WordPress to do the things you wish it would do, then the chances are high that this article is for you. WordPress can be easily extended to fit the requirements of a custom data architecture.

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by Michael

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