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From a corrosion perspective, the operating environments in PWRs and BWRs are radically different as illustrated in Fig. 1 on a Pourbaix diagram for nickel and iron at 300 ∞C. 1 Simplified Pourbaix diagram for nickel and iron at 300 ∞C showing the principal pH-potential combinations for PWR primary and secondary water, BWR Normal Water Chemistry (NWC) and BWR Hydrogen Water Chemistry (HWC) and the modes of stress corrosion cracking of Alloy 600. general corrosion and corrosion product release rates of the structural materials.

D. Stavropoulos, C. S. Welty, ‘Application of statistical distributions to characterizing and predicting corrosion of tubing in steam generators of Pressurized Water Reactors’, Proceedings of Life Prediction of Corrodible Structures, ed. R. N. Parkins, NACE International (1994) 1374–1439. 8. P. Scott, C. Benhamou, ‘An overview of recent observations and interpretation of IGSCC in nickel base alloys in PWR primary water’, Proceedings of 10th Int. Symposium on Environmental Degradation of Materials in Nuclear Power Systems – Water Reactors, Lake Tahoe, NACE International (2001).

Meunier, D. Deydier, S. Silvestre, A. Trenty, ‘An analysis of baffle/former bolt cracking in French PWRs’, ASTM STP 1401 Environmentally Assisted Cracking: Predictive methods for Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Materials, Equipment and Structures, Ed. R. D. Kane, ASTM (2000) 210–223. S. M. Bruemmer, E. P. Simonen, P. M. Scott, P. L. Andresen, G. S. Was, J. L. Nelson, ‘Radiation-induced material changes and susceptibility to Intergranular failure of light-water-reactor core internals’, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 274 (1999) 299– 314.

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Corrosion Issues in Light Water Reactors: Stress Corrosion Cracking (EFC51) by D Fron

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