By Prof. Georges Salamon, Prof. Yun Peng Huang (auth.)

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II. 20. Frontal CT sean of formalin-fixed brain, 90° to the orbitomeatalline and 5 em from the frontal pole 40 Frontal Sections - 90° Cingulate Interventricular foramen ingulate gyrus Sulcus of corpus callosum Postcentral gyrus Third ventricle Postcentral sulcus Postcentral gyrus Optic chiasm Fornix Lateral sulcus (opercular and insular portions) Sup. temporal gyrus Post. limiting sulcu of insula Insula Sup. temporal gyrus Parahippocampal gyrus Middle temporal gyrus Inf. temporal gyrus Sup. temporal sulcus Ant.

26 Frontal Sections - 90° Sup. sagittal sinus Sup. frontal gy rus Sulcus of co rpus callosum Sup. :Io,;,__ Septum pellucidum Caudate nucleu Int. capsule (anI. HIi. Lateral sulcu Putamen orpus callosum (rostrum) Ext. capsule Le er wing of sphenoid Gyrus rectus Sup. concha Fig. II. 4. Frontal section 4 cm in front of the external acoustic meatus Inf. front al gyrus Middle frontal gyrus (pars orbitalis) Frontal Sections - 90 0 Fig. II. 5. Radiograph of the same anatomic specimen Fig. II. 6 a- d. CT scans in the same plane 27 28 Frontal Sections - 90° Sup.

1lI.. / Cingulate gyrus Sulcus of corpus callosum Midd le frontal gyrus Frontal horn Caudate nucleus Inf. frontal gyrus (pars triangularis) Sylvian fissure --':~::W~~--1 (ant. part) W. frontal gyrus Inf frontal gyrus (pars orbitalis) Zygomatic process (frontal bone) Gyrus rectus Sup. rectus muscle Eyeball M. levator palpebrae superioris Ethmoidofrontal ccll Frontal Sections - 60° Fig. II. 34. Radiograph of the anatomic specimen Fig. II. 35. CT scan at the same level as the radiograph of Fig. II.

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Computed Tomography of the Brain: Atlas of Normal Anatomy by Prof. Georges Salamon, Prof. Yun Peng Huang (auth.)

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