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Yíyàng dà [gun ... yee-yang dah] s ... hjk as soon as possible jĭnkuài [jin-kwai] l; ashtray yānhuī gāng [yahn-hway 36 gahng] 'ZX ask (someone to do something) qĭng [ching] ~ (a question) wèn [wun] ! could you ask him toâ•‚...? nĭ néng bù néng qĭng tā ...? @#$ away: is it far away? yuăn ma? [yew-ahn] %^& awful zāogaōle [dzow-gow-lur] *() B baby yīng’ér [ying-er] _+ baby food yīng’ér shíwù [shurwoo] |`12 baby’s bottle năipíng 34 baby-sitter línshí kān xiăoháir de [lin-shur kahn hsyowhair dur] 567890back hòu [hoh] = (of body) hòubèi [bay] \Q at the back zài hòumian [dzai ABCDEFGHIJKLBa HJKL Australian (adj) Àodàlìyà :"as I’m Australian wŏ shì Àodàlìyà rén [wor shur – run] dfghjkl automatic (adj) zìdòng [dzur- awake: is he awake?

Yes duì [dway] RT deodorant chúchòujì [choochoh-jee] YUI department (administrative) bù O (academic) xì [hshee] P department store băihuò dàlóu [bai-hwor dah-loh] {}qw departure lounge hòujīshì [hoh-jee-shur] ert depend: it depends onâ•‚... nà yào kàn‑... @ ... ^& dessert tiánpĭn [tyen-pin] *( destination mùdìdì )_+ develop (film) chōngxĭ [choonghshee] |` dialogue could you develop these films? qĭng nín bāng wŏ chōngxĭ yíxìa zhèi xiē jiāojuănr, hăo ma? [ching nin bahng wor choong-hshee yeehsyah jay hsyeh jyow-jyew-ahnr how mah] yes, certainly kĕyĭ [kur-yee] when will they be ready?

Nín néng bāng wŏ duìhuàn chéng ... ma? [nung bahng wor dway- YUIOP{}qw dialogue do we have to change (trains)? zhōngtú yào huàn chē ma? [joong-too yow hwahn chur mah] yes, change at Hangzhou yào zài Hángzhōu huàn chē [yow dzai] no, it’s a direct train bú yòng huàn chē, zhè shì zhídáchē [yoong – jur shur jurdah-chur] changed: to get changed huàn yīfu [hwahn yee-foo] ert character (in Chinese writing) zì [dzur] y charge (noun) shōufèi [shoh-fay] ui hwahn chung ... mah] cheap piányi [pyen-yee] [wor yee-dyenr ling-chyen yur may yoh] do you have anything cheaper?

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