By Stephen Goldberg, Hugue Ouellette

ISBN-10: 0940780534

ISBN-13: 9780940780538

Illustrated textbook teaches clinical scholars in a fashion that permits the scholar to benefit speedily, maintain, and evaluation anatomy. Key positive factors contain reminiscence aids, association by way of structures, clinically orientated, determine legends, and a thesaurus. past version: c1991.

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It prevents overextension of the vertebral column and may tear during a whiplash injury. It continues to the skull as the anterior atlantooccipital membrane. Figure 3-5 Fig. 3-6. Major ligaments of the atlas and axis. (1) cruciform ligament (shaped like a cross) - holds the dens against the atlas. Otherwise, the dens could move and compress the spinal cord, causing paraplegia or death (2) transverse portion of cruciform ligament - part of the cruciform ligament particularly important in anchoring the dens (3) alar ligament- connects dens and occipital bone (4) dens- presented as a person about to be hanged.

Muscles of the pelvic diaphragm (superior view of the the levator ani and coccygeus). (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) coccygeus m. levator ani m. anococcygealligament rectum central perineal tendon (perineal body) vagina urethra The levator ani attaches to the coccyx, ischial spine, fascia of t he obturator internus (figs. 4-45, 4-40), and pubic bone. The fibers of levator ani meet in the midline as a raphe between rectum and coccyx. Some muscle fibers end anterior to the rectum as the perineal body.

Deep layer urogenital diaphragm Perineal body Levator ani m. Ext. anal sphincter Int. IS. muscle covers these crura in both male and female, and assists in erection, partly by venous compression. Within the anal triangle there are several doughnuts, representing the internal(ll) and external(lO) anal sphincters, which lie within the perineum. The internal sphincter is a doughnut of small diameter, which is composed of involuntary muscle and lies within the anal wall. The external sphincter is a doughnut of larger diameter composed of voluntary muscle that lies outside the anal wall, surrounding the internal sphincter.

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Clinical Anatomy Made Ridiculously Simple (Medmaster) by Stephen Goldberg, Hugue Ouellette

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