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Miracle Boy and different tales represents a physique of labor eighteen years within the making. Benedict's final brief tale assortment used to be the severely acclaimed The Wrecking backyard, released in 1992 by means of Nan A. Talese. That assortment was once via the Steinbeck Award-winning crime novel canine of God, additionally from Nan A.

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He’d dropped his gun and was scrabbling for it so I kicked it across the carpet into the corner of the room. Brian was keen. He came up off the floor like a thin lion after a fat Christian. I sidestepped and tripped him as he went past. He cannoned into a stand that held a five-litre bottle of Johnny Walker scotch. The bottle hit the wall and broke and the room suddenly smelt like a distillery. I was getting set to issue orders when Jason Wishart picked up a box of matches from the floor, struck one and tossed it onto the scotch-soaked carpet.

Harkness laughed. ‘You’re off your head. And I won’t touch him until I hear what you bastards are on about. ’ The man whose task it seemed to be to handle Harkness raised his fist. Buckawa froze him with a look. ‘Don’t be foolish, Leo. ’ Leo backed off. ’ Kelo hadn’t taken his eyes off me. He nodded and the choke-hold was released. I rubbed my neck and thought about turning round to do some nose-breaking. I could feel Sangster twitching beside me. The nurse opened a door and I could see through into an operating theatre-harsh lighting, gleaming chrome, an antiseptic smell.

You’ve got a point. ’ Butler was an actor I’d bodyguarded some years ago. I hadn’t seen his name in lights lately, but it’s always nice to be well-thought of, even by a has-been. Madeline Ozal was no has-been-she was big and getting bigger. ‘I had a bit part in one of his movies,’ I said. ‘I threw someone off a building or fell off myself. ’ She laughed again. ‘In Kurt’s movies it hardly matters. Look, the only people who know about my parents are my aunt and uncle and now you. ’ This sounded like the nitty-gritty, worth getting a contract form out of the desk for.

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