By Judith Goodenough

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With a brand new open, student-friendly structure and extra media integration, the Fourth version of Biology of people: techniques, purposes, and concerns maintains to customize the research of human biology. Its conversational writing kind, wonderful artwork, plentiful purposes, and studying instruments increase your critical-thinking abilities. The authors supply a conceptual framework that can assist you know how bodies paintings, and to accommodate concerns proper to human future health in today’s international. You’ll achieve an appreciation for the intricacy of the human physique and where of people within the ecosphere.

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P. 6 A theory in science is a hypothesis, a hunch, or a scientist’s personal opinion on a subject. p. 9 Basic Characteristics of All Living Things Classification by Evolutionary Relationship Levels of Biological Organization Scientific Method Critical Thinking to Evaluate Scientific Claims Environmental Issue Medicinal Plants and the Shrinking Rain Forest n this chapter, we see that life has many levels of organization: individual, population, community, ecosystem, and biosphere. Throughout most of this book, we focus on the human individual—how the individual human body functions and the biological principles that govern those functions.

1). The molecules of life are discussed in Chapter 2. 2. Living things are composed of cells. Cells are the smallest units of life. Some organisms (called unicellular organisms) have only a single cell; others (multicellular organisms), such as humans, are composed of trillions of cells. All cells come from preexisting cells. Because cells known plant species have been tested for medicinal value, we have no way of knowing what potential new medicines are being destroyed. Questions to Consider • Should indigenous people be compensated for plants found in their locality if extracts of the plants become drugs?

2. Within each kingdom, organisms are further categorized into groups whose members share characteristics that distinguish them from members of other groups in the kingdom. These groups in turn are subdivided into smaller groups to show successively closer relationships. As humans, we belong to a subdivision of the animal kingdom called vertebrates (animals with a nerve cord protected by a backbone), and more specifically to the group called mammals. Two characteristics that make us mammals are that we have hair and that we feed our young milk produced by mammary glands.

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