By Jean Rabe

How a lot is an act of betrayal worth?

Worth the cost of a soul?

Dhamon Grimwulf and his band of mercenaries greedily eye a long-forgotten treasure hid underneath a grassy simple. Legends promise riches too quite a few to count number, wealth too grand to be believed. yet in a transferring global of secrets and techniques and deception, such fortune comes at a excessive fee, better even than the searing suffering Dhamon suffers less than the curse of a dragon's scale.

High adequate to price Dhamon his life.

The paperback model of the sequel to Downfall, the 1st ebook of the Dhamon Saga. Betrayal maintains the adventures of characters featured in the united states Today bestselling Dragons of a brand new Age trilogy.

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There’s a light over there. Low to the ground and wide, like it’s a campfire. Smells like something’s cooking over it, too. ” His stomach growled. He hadn’t eaten in well more than forty-eight hours. “Hope we didn’t get turned around in the dark,” Fiona said. “Solamnus knows, we could very well be lost. ” A small part of her hoped that it was. She’d rehearsed several times in her mind a tirade she would unleash on them. She took a deep breath and brushed aside the leaves and edged a few steps closer to the fire.

You are the odd one,” Satin breathed. “You keep him put,” she said to Elsbeth, “and I’ll go get our spawn-slayer something to loosen his inhibitions. He was liking that spiced rum, right? ” The sultry Ergothian crawled out of bed, grabbing Dhamon’s tunic and slipping it on. Satin glanced at the bed across the room, then turned to wink at Elsbeth before she glided out the door. Elsbeth brushed at the bit of red paste she’d gotten on Dhamon. “You’d be a real looker, Mister Dhamon Evran Grimwulf, if you cleaned yourself up a bit.

A sudden gust of wind whipped out of nowhere and extinguished her torch. The inky blackness of Sable’s swamp reached out and covered them from all directions. The air stilled. The leafy canopy high above them was so dense no hint of starlight filtered down. Everything was blackest black. ” “I know. ” The insects had stopped buzzing. The silence was unnerving. The silence, the heat, the darkness, and the dampness of the place. A prickly sensation ran down the Solamnic’s spine, a feeling that suggested someone or something was watching them.

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