By Michelle Pan

ISBN-10: 156975876X

ISBN-13: 9781569758762


The fourth Twilight e-book is out, yet many arguable concerns stay unresolved and open to discuss. Now the committed Twihards at argue passionately approximately what rather occurred and what should have happened.

•Who should still Bella have ended up with, Jacob or Edward?
•Should Bella became a vampire?
•Which personality was once miscast the main within the movies?
•If you may be any Twilight personality, who might you be?
•Which motion picture has stayed more true to the book?
•Which occasion within the Twilight saga was once the main surprising?
•Should Breaking Dawn have ended with a fight?
•Which character's tale may make the easiest sequel?
•Which vampire strength could you really have?

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Roni, 12, Birmingham, England Twilight is the worst book, in my opinion. Yes, the first time you read it, it’s gripping, compelling, romantic, and you don’t want to put it down. But once you’ve read the rest of the series and you go back again, Twilight is kind of boring. Bella doesn’t know anything, so there are no vampire issues. There is no Jacob, so there are no fights, and Bella and Edward don’t do anything. There is no romance, not like in New Moon or Eclipse. New Moon Emily, 17, Georgia New Moon, not because of the lack of Edward (because I am a huge Edward fan), but because of the lack of life.

This seems like a good life to me. Plus, it is almost completely unexplored, so there is no right or wrong way to live it. THE FINAL CALL Which Twilight saga character would you want to be? Bella Swan, right? Many Twi-hards would agree, saying that Bella has it all, with a vampire boyfriend, a werewolf best friend, and on top of that some normal human friends too! Bella’s boyfriend is madly in love with her, and he is willing to do just about anything to protect her. ), a good handful of fans lean more toward other characters, like Alice, Esme, and even Renesmee.

Dayi, 19, Georgia I believe that they should neither have recast Rachelle Lefevre nor even thought about doing so. Considering the craze of the Twilight fandom, I’d say it was pretty darn inconsiderate. I am not going to pretend that I know how the movie business works, but I do know how the fans think, being one of them myself. When a character is recast after we have gotten used to him or her, it takes away a certain something. Rachelle was Victoria. It’s as simple as that. In my mind that was the Victoria, and it should have remained that way.

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