By Mukesh Sharma

ISBN-10: 8182474809

ISBN-13: 9788182474802

This ebook encircles the elemental knowing of desktop functioning, figuring out the net, and utilizing instruments like be aware, excel, power-point and so on.

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It may also refer to removable storage media, such as USB flash drives,CDs, and DVDs. Unlike primary memory, secondary memory is not accessed directly by the CPU. Instead, data accessed from secondary memory is first loaded into RAM and is then sent to the processor. The RAM plays an important intermediate role, since it provides much faster data access speeds than secondary memory. By loading software programs and files into primary memory, computers can process data much more quickly. While secondary memory is much slower than primary memory, it typically offers far greater storage capacity.

A window component can never be removed from a computer. We cannot change or modify mouse properties. We can load a new printer to the computer. We can change or set date and time of a computer. MS DOS is a kind of an operating system. Windows is not an operating system. UI stands for user interface. Computer screen is refered to as a desktop. Answers: 1- true; 2- false; 3- false; 4-false; 5 – true; 6-true; 7- true; 8- false; 9-true; 10-true. Chapter 3 Understanding Word Processing Using a computer to create, edit, and print documents.

2. Memory management, that is, allocation of main memory and other storage areas to the system programmes as well as user programmes and data. 3. Input/output management, that is, co-ordination and assignment of the different output and input device while one or more programmes are being executed. 4. File management, that is, the storage of file of various storage devices to another. It also allows all files to be easily changed and modified through the use of text editors or some other files manipulation routines.

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Basic Computer Course: A Freshers Guide To Modern Day Computing by Mukesh Sharma

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